7 Last-Minute Packing Tips That Guarantee You Won’t Forget Anything

Other By Louis Spencer JR |

When you’re going late for your flight and time is running out really fast, it can be tempting to just clear the contents of your wardrobe into a bag and hope for the best.

However, it’s conceivable to pack a bag the hour before your journey and still wind up carrying everything you need.

Here are a few suggestions for packing a carry-on at the very last minute.

1. Make sure you choose the right bag.

If you’re packing a bag at the last minute, it’s important that you make sure your baggage suits your needs.

Going on a true adventure to parts unknown? You’re better off picking a smaller bag that won’t weigh you down. If you’re going overseas for a month, a larger case is probably relevant.

It’s also a good idea to check your airline’s shelter and carry-on luggage limitations. Showing up to an airport with an overweight bag might cost you extra bucks or even cause you to blow your flight.

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