7 Last-Minute Packing Tips That Guarantee You Won’t Forget Anything

Other By Louis Spencer JR |

2. If you often pack at the last minute, consider placing aside a travel drawer.

Paradoxically, strong last-minute packing is all about fitting. Keeping all your travel essentials in one spot hugely decreases the chances that you’ll find yourself at the airport without a permit.

Blogger Monica Stott, who runs The Travel Hack, recommended creating a drawer, which makes throwing a last-minute suitcase together much easier. According to her, she got this trick from travel blogger Abigail King, who runs Inside the Travel Lab.

A valid travel drawer includes things like passports, documents, and boarding passes. For extra points, think to toss in a mobile charging pack or a few notes of foreign currency.

Of course, your travel drawer doesn’t need to be a literal one. Put together a folder, or box to accomplish the same purpose of having all your travel things conveniently arranged in the same place.

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