Great Video: Impact Wrestling Grants A Young Fan’s Wish

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This is just great. As mostly older wrestling fans, we often forget how cool some of the wrestlers are. For some of the fans who are still young, these people are heroes. Think back to the time when you were a kid and wrestlers were the larger than life characters and the coolest things you had ever seen. That’s still the case for younger (and some older) fans today, and Impact Wrestling has made life better for one such fan.

According to, Impact Wrestling recently hosted a young boy named Steven, who has undergone two brain surgeries. During last week’s Impact Wrestling tapings, Joe Hendry defeated Tyson Dux in a match. After the match was over. Hendry brought Steven into the ring, laid Dux out again, and had Steven cover him with Hendry counting the pin. Steven’s mother has posted some videos of the moment.


Truly remarkable people @IMPACTWRESTLING helped make this little chiari warrior dream come true pairing him w/ @joeshendry against @TysonDux 2 really stand up guys!Let’s help make this go viral 4 this little guy. #IMPACTonPop @GameTVCanada #dreambig #theprestigiousone #sickkids

— Crystal Spice – Mom of a Chiari Warrior (@cspice82) August 18, 2018


Thank you after everything he has been through and not knowing what the future holds for him this night meant the world to him and us. We can’t thank @IMPACTWRESTLING @RossForman1 @TysonDux @joeshendry enough. #sickkids #undefeatedchiaristrong #trueheroes

— Crystal Spice – Mom of a Chiari Warrior (@cspice82) August 20, 2018

This was beyond awesome there are no words to describe how much this meant to Steven. @joeshendry even has his first autograph from the #undefeatedchiaristrong warrior Steven.

— Crystal Spice – Mom of a Chiari Warrior (@cspice82) August 20, 2018


Opinion: This kind of thing is just cool. There’s something so great to see about a kid with such a short term future getting to do something that they love that much, even for a one off thing. It gives the kid a memory they’ll have for the rest of their life and lets them forget about everything else going on in their life, just for a little while. This is really cool to see and I’m glad to see Impact Wrestling do it.


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